A World of Speculation

An online writing buddy, upon reading my blog, asks several good questions. Here are my answers:

I know several of you have or are blogging, and I’m wondering (1) what it is like, (2) what it is for, (3)what response do you get, and finally (4) why do you do it?

It’s a lot like the journaling, except it’s important to remember that it’s public. I think the best blogs are focused on an issue, and so after casting around, I’ve landed on an issue that I intend to stick to–what I’m learning about writing. That will give a wide range of topics, from book and movie reviews to spiritual meditations, but it will give readers an idea what to come back for.

What it’s for: I began it to try to address my perfectionist tendencies. I write something and publish it every day. It may not be good. It may make people mad. But it’s out there. Now that I’ve got a focus (the focus came a few weeks after the opening, as I suspected it would), it’s a gift to anyone out there.

Response: I only told anyone about it a few days ago, and the response has been thoughtful, interesting conversation, with the folks on this list and at coffee hour after church today (Happy St. Nicholas Day, by the way) with four of us sitting around a table discussing “defining moments.” Put that one on your index card of conversation starters. I’ve got to e-mail my daughter’s teacher and tell her what a great assignment that was.

Why do it?: How many times have I done a google search to learn about scene and sequel or how to built tension or how to roast chestnuts or what it’s like to be in a tornado? I’ve gotten answers from people who put their knowledge, experience and insights out there for anyone to use, not for payment but just for the love of the topic. It’s payback time.