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I hope you’re enjoying my book and media reviews, and I welcome any comments or suggestions you might have.

Here are some that seem like possibilities:

  • Based on my reviews, you’ve got a book to suggest. In that case, thanks. Send me the title and author (or a link to the Amazon page) and why you think I’d like it. I’ve got a long reading list, but sometimes things jump to the top.
  • You’d like me to review your book. I’m flattered. I really like reading on my Kindle, which saves postage for you. Get in touch, and we’ll talk about it.
  • You’re an author or an author’s fan and you have a comment on my review. You’re welcome to share your opinion in the comments under the review post, or you can email me your thoughts.
  • You want to know what else I do.  I help independent authors who are frustrated with their do-it-yourself marketing efforts create a dynamic web platform and attract an avid audience for their books. Find out more at MarketYourBookBlog.com.

Here’s my contact information:

Email: jan (dot) bear (at) gmail (dot) com
Twitter: @janvbear