A World of Speculation

Washington commuters missed a treat recently when the professional violinist Joshua Bell played a free concert in a subway station. Incognito, one of the world’s best violinists played some of the world’s best music on one of the world’s best violins. For whatever reason — context, time pressures, distraction — most, vastly most, of the people missed it entirely. Didn’t look, didn’t stop for a concert that they could have paid $100 for a seat to watch, didn’t notice the gift.

Washington Post magazine, which arranged the concert or stunt or whatever you want to call it, has a really good story about it, along with video and interviews with the people who did stop and why. The article is well worth a full read.

It’s a reminder of how much we can miss by not being there, where we are, and of the wonders in drab clothing that can happen anywhere, anytime, if we’re not so distracted that we miss it.

H/T: Miss Snark

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