A World of Speculation

Outer Life has captured what I’m trying to get from court reporting school He calls it superfluidity: (as good a name as any):

Not to be confused with superfluity, a very different goal, superfluidity is an unusual state of matter characterized by a frictionless flow. This state of matter has so far been observed only in liquid helium cooled down near absolute zero, but I hope over my remaining years to develop my own permanent state of frictionless flow.

Superfluidity is like the Taoist ideal of wu-wei, action without action. It’s akin to what athletes call the ‘zone,’ their elusive source of effortless achievement. It’s losing yourself, it’s a state of grace, it’s nirvana, the ultimate melding of thoughts, senses, abilities and actions into a perfect harmony of living.

Superfluidity applies to more of life than taking down other people’s conversations, but as Outer points out in his sports examples, there are different ways to pierce the bubble. I think stenography is one of them.

Trying to pass my 60 wpm tests, so I have a long way to go.