A World of Speculation

It’s partly to try out the Flickr photo application, partly to introduce my friends Mocha and Sadie.

Here we are on our way to an excellent adventure in the park.

We were on our way to Tryon Creek State Park, a 645-acre network of trails along a ravine on the edge of urban Portland.

It’s a haven for joggers and walkers, with bike and equestrian trails, and parts of the park where you can (Shhhh) let the dogs off their leash. There, it’s about a 50-50 chance of running across another dog off-leash or running across some pickle-faced volunteer park monitor telling you that dogs should always be leashed.

If Mocha looks annoyed in this picture, it’s because we’re passing within 20 feet of a creek, and she’s not being allowed to go swimming.

This is the color of Oregon in the winter.