A World of Speculation

The Onion Dome has more than just a twist this week.

Our intrepid editor reports that Patriarch PATRIARCHUS the Nth insists that he did not have a wardrobe malfunction when he showed the Turks what he really thought of them.

Our man in Moscow caught “the last” recording session of the great retired Orthodox rapper Bug Vasileivichivich. Here’s a selection:

Foo, step up to the
O to the RTH to the O-DOX,
Sucka, I on you like Chicken Pox
You sin is like wolf eating fox!

Let’s hope that the retirement is temporary.

Marie and I have found the two poles of nutty Orthodox spiritual life.

And guest writer Foma Zatvordnik reports on a new diet sensation: seven weeks of low calories, no meat, no oil, no dairy, and the great new exercise regime “Ephraim’s Power Floor Folds.”

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