A World of Speculation


UPDATE April 20, 2013:

Whatever I meant to say on this empty post from September 2, 2010, I didn’t say, and the headline, “I’m back,” turned out not to be true.

If you’re reading this in reverse-chronological order, as is the nature of blogs, you’re about to enter a time when I blogged for the sake of blogging, to air my frequently uninformed opinions. From here back are posts I’ve imported from my old Blogger.com blog, A World of Speculation at janvbear.blogspot.com.

I didn’t know about blogging then, but — because I learn by doing — I did it anyway. There are some posts that capture something I still believe. Some are embarrassingly trivial. Some I don’t wish to remain on my site, so I deleted those. There’s no point in keeping four-, five-, and six-year-old posts that I would have to apologize for if anyone challenged me, when they’re long forgotten anyway.

I don’t say I’ve recanted all the ideas in the deleted posts, but I wouldn’t say them that way, and I don’t have the same confidence in my all-encompassing wisdom to speak on some of the subjects at all.

I brought these mildewed archives over because I needed to know if it was possible to move and redirect Blogger posts to a WordPress blog, and I learned how. To test the technique, I did it to this blog.

Since abandoning my first blog, I’ve started writing a book marketing blog at MarketYourBookBlog.com. But I wanted to post reviews of books I’m reading, and so I’ve started putting them on this domain.

So feel free to wander into the Archive Zone, but know that it’s a musty attic of my former thoughts, not where I am now.