A World of Speculation

I swear it’s not schadenfreude. The author at debcentral (sorry, I’ve got my wrong glasses on and can hardly see the screen, much less read small white type against a black background) has kindly posted a gallery of her rejections.

I’ve got more of those than she shows on the web. Altogether, I may have more than anyone. But we have some of the same ones. And she’s got some scrawled encouragement, and I’ve had some scrawled encouragement.

It’s a club. I’m a member, and Deb’s a member, and if you’re a writer, you’re probably a member, too.

One suggestion for the major fiction markets: if you made the rejections slips smaller, you could get, oh, maybe 150-200 of them out of one 8.5×11″ sheet of paper. Don’t worry about us. We’ll buy microscopes to read them.

I’ve got a couple of stories I need to get back into circulation.

SOURCE: Maud Newton