A World of Speculation

I spent hours last night updating to OSX, moving my files from the System 9 documents to System 10 documents folder, discovering the joys of the OSX browser, Safari (I haven’t ever read the well-known Little Green Footballs weblog because it took too long to load, and now it just appears. And my Power Structure software is System X optimized.

Even the preview button on the Blogger “create post” shows what the post is really going to look like.

So I don’t have anything to blog for nongeeks, but fellow geeks will appreciate my “waste” of time.

UPDATE: Boing Boing posted this gem:

Audio tour of the MacPlus

Patrick sez, “Digging through his cassette tapes last weekend, this guy came across ‘Macintosh Plus: A Guided Tour’ and decided he should archive it onto CD for posterity (being a pack rat by nature). It’s especially interesting in that it gives a good glimpse of the level of user education necessary at that point in Computer History: it patiently goes over how to interact with icons, how to use the mouse, etc…”

Put the floppy disk into the internal disk drive. Put it in with the metal end first…and the label up. Push it all the way in.

“For a real today-meets-yesterday experience, throw this on your iPod.”