A World of Speculation

Amazon.com WidgetsAbandoned buildings talk–they laugh and gibber and shriek like crazy old ladies. The folks at Dark Passage hear them, too.

It’s a tour of some of the creepiest places around, like the tunnel that eats light and comes up under the house that used to hold the funeral home that processed H.P. Lovecraft’s body.

I don’t know why this photo of the Abandoned Science Institute in Yonkers seems so full of fantastic possibilities. It’s a geenhouse, for Pete’s sake, with red doors and light-streaming glass roof. But it’s almost empty, and the gray light filtering in could be from a post-apocalyptic dawn or the gray afternoon on a haunted English manor. Looking through the series of doors gives the effect of looking into twinned mirrors and finding one of the images out of step with the rest.

There’s also a story about the secret subway tunnels in New York and FDR’s underground route from Grand Central Station to the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.

I read the fine print. They apparently don’t care if you use their photos as a jumping-off place for horror fiction.