A World of Speculation

I think I’ve been an occasion for distraction.

Someone got to this site by way of a Google search for Google Search: “thumb over” piano technique. Me? Piano technique?

Well, there was Steve, pointing over his shoulder with his thumb, and there was the shopping technique the person rifling Mary’s closet learned from the Goodwill, and there was the piano playing in headphones a few days ago.

Whoever was looking to improve piano technique has fallen into the same net I do. When my elementary school teachers would assign 10 or 20 words to look up, I’d look at this word and then that one and then what about that? and oh what was that word again? I hated those assignments, because they took sooooooo loooooonnng.

Now, the Net, and it’s not just words. It’s images, and science, and astronomy and politics and literature and cartoons and photos and religion and philosophy and . . . . some crazy blogger talking about thumbs, techniques and pianos.

To my “‘thumb over’ piano technique” reader, if you ever happen to come back, I hope you found what you were really looking for–and that the journey was as fruitful as my elementary school explorations of the dictionary were.