A World of Speculation

This is the last you’ll see about the Clinton memoir here, but The Minor Fall, the Major Lift has a brilliant parody in the style of William Faulkner:

Here are a few paragraphs:

There was a fire in it and Vince squatting in his shirt tail in front of it, chunking Rose Law Firm records into the blaze.

“What you know about it.” Hilsey said. “What trance you been in.”

“Dont need no trance.” Vernon said. “Aint the sign of it laying right there on that bed. Aint the sign of it been here for folks to see four years now.”

“Spose it is.” Hilsey said. “It aint hurt none of you and yourn, is it. Mack working and McDougal dead off your hands and A.G. getting big enough to take Billy’s place when term limits finish getting him.”

Read the whole thing.

SOURCE: Maud Newton, including a nomination for the Bulwer-Lytton Award.