A World of Speculation

It’s 6:45ish here in the land of sun and snow, where you have to ask whether that white stuff on the ground is the current form of spring shower (I blame global warming) or a drift of cherry blossoms — anyway this would make great weather for my book, but it’s fall, and Oregon fall is nothing like this — but I’m meandering again —

Anyway, to begin again, it’s 6:50ish Pacific Daylight Time, and I haven’t started my daily word count (it’s next up, really), but I have a word of wisdom from Patrick McLean of The Seanachai podcast. He, too, is working on a novel, and he observes that you have two good hours per day; the rest is paperwork.

He’s a sparse podcaster — having another life, which he details in the linked podcast. And if you like, I recommend his “Collections.” And A Round on Werner is a story I haven’t been able to delete from iTunes, because I listen to it every now and then for a slightly different take on the world.

I’ll update with a word count later.