A World of Speculation

At Christopher Vogler’s workshop last weekend, he told about how he strengthened his resolve to finish his book, The Writer’s Journey. It helped him, he said, to make the announcement outward — to tell family and friends that he had decided to complete it — and to make the announcement inward.

He compared the latter to shouting down a deep well in the center of himself, “I’m going to finish this book.” He said that there are segments of the well that are out of alignment — they are the places where we know why we don’t want to, where we see what outcomes we fear, and so we don’t necessarily get the message all along the well without some effort.

I’ve been working on my present project since last September. I’ve been futzing with the plot, mapping the second act so that I can get through the swamp, and I think I’ve reached a point where I can start the process of making a road through the journey.

I had written most of the first act — the Ordinary World — when I realized I needed to do some reworking, and I haven’t been a complete slacker, only a partial one, and arguably going more or less along with it, though I might go a few days or even a week at times before getting back to it.

But I’ve decided to dive into that well. I’ve got 10K words written (counting what I’ve done this week), and if I write a thousand words a day, I should have a solid first draft in less than 90 days. A thousand words a day of first draft takes only about an hour or an hour and a half, because it require me to put my editor brain to sleep in the backseat and just write, write, write.

So I want to post progress reports on my mainstream women’s fiction, to help me say accountable to myself and the world.

Monday — 1,056 words
Tuesday — 1,034 words
Wednesday — 968 words
Thursday — 150 words (I had work and stuff and didn’t get to write until I was too tired to write)
Friday — now has a 2,000-word goal.