A World of Speculation

Got back to the story for the first time since before Pascha. It was OK to skip Holy Friday, Holy Saturday and Pascha, but Monday through Thursday of Bright Week? I had a lot of other stuff to do, but also, it’s resistance against this painfully shitty first draft.

So I sat in my coffee shop and got just over 500 words and gave up. On the way home, I gave myself a stern talking-to about the fact that the Robert Penn Warren paragraph I posted earlier today was certainly not a first draft and that you can’t get to a paragraph like that without a first draft. That was one thing.

The other was that — as I despairingly notice that I seem to keep coming back again and again to the same set of fictional “facts” — they are relevant again and again in the story. Instead of thinking that it means I need to find the final resting place for them, before I know all the alternatives, I need to realize that it means they’re important, and each time they come up, I learn something new about the character’s backstory.

With those two bits of advice, I came home and finished off the word count to 1,035. And the latter observation turned out to be true. I now know that my protagonist will have to make a journey to visit her ex-husband, to Las Vegas perhaps, but maybe someplace else. I don’t know for sure where or when.

So I’m back at it again. My preliminary plot planning is making the writing possible, but not much easier. But possible.