A World of Speculation

Populating a novel can be hard. After the top tier of characters have introduced themselves and then their closest associates, you’re left with “guy who sells papers” and “driver.” Which can be OK if that’s all they do, but if they come back, if the POV character knows their names (or maybe even if not), the author needs to know their names.

Here’s a site for suffering storytellers: Behind the Name: the etymology and history of first names. Don’t let that subtitle fool you though. These given names from many cultures and traditions can work perfectly well as family names if need be. And don’t miss the random name generator for quick results. Pick a sex, and one, two or a handful of sources (such as Roman mythology and Esperanto), and presto! Meet the guy who delivers pizza — Quirino Vittore. You can use him in your story. I don’t have any pizza guys in my current one.

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