A World of Speculation

To yesterday’s post on Bishop Seraphim, Havdala replies:

I loved that post! One of my favourite painters is the Celtic revivalist, John Duncan. Many years ago the Orthodox priest in Edinburgh told me he had met Duncan when he was a child, ‘But of course,’ he said smoothing his beard, ‘he believed in faeries.’ There was such a twinkle in his eye when he said it I wondered if he did too.

In that case, read on:

I think to put off to tomorrow, so as not to make too long a post today, consideration of the problem of the Faerie world and how it in theory might share our Reality…a problem which might flow from thinking about yesterday’s post, and made relevant (since probably almost no one, living outside of County Cork at least, literally and firmly and with simplicity believes in Faeries) by its parallel to the anyway possible sharing of the one Cosmos by humanity and other intelligent and spirited beings.

I haven’t had the opportunity to read his site extensively–I’ll save it for treats, like candy–but I don’t think he’s actually gotten around to the promised Faerie post.

I’ll be watching for it.