A World of Speculation

I pulled an LP out yesterday, Crosswinds, vintage 1974, by Billy Cobham.

This jazz drummer literally plays up a storm on side one of this classic, which I haven’t heard since, well, probably not since the ’80s. (Funny how time flies when the technology leaves a favorite behind.)

So I’m doing some home improvement in the basement and listening to this, both remembering how much I loved it and hearing it as if for the first time. I was truly blown away (an apt pun, if you know the piece) by the dizzying speed of all the instrumentation. I just didn’t remember how fast it was.

Then my husband comes into the basement and asks why I’ve got the speed set on 45. Well, I don’t know why the speed was set on 45 — we don’t even own any 45s — but that explains a lot.

I’ll have to listen at normal speed sometime, slowing the tornado down to a thunderstorm.